Saul Steinberg - The Passport

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Published 1954

First edition

This classic collection of over 350 illustrations can be seen as an autobiographical account of Steinberg's life in America, which began with his immigration to this country in 1942.

It includes drawings of False documents, Passports, Diplomas, Certificates – False Photographs (with False Autographs),  False Wine Labels,  False Ex-Votos, Caligraphy and Cacography.

Fingerprints, Parades, Cocktail Parties, Ballet, Billiards, Cowboys, Pitchers, Palm Trees, Cats, Dogwalkers, Horsewomen, Guitar Players, Automobiles, Locomotives, Railway Stations, Bridges, Summer and Winter Fashions, Sphinxes.

Victorian Architecture, Art Nouveau, Rubberstamp Architecture, Slums, Skyscrapers.

Dust jacket is covered with mylar jacket protector

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