Steinberg The Art of Living -Vintage

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First edition
Published in 1949

Size-9.25" x 11.25" hardcover book with 176 pages fully illustrated in black and white. “About two-thirds of the drawings are published here for the first time.”

Saul Steinberg defined drawing as "a way of reasoning on paper," and he remained committed to the act of drawing. Throughout his long career, he used drawing to think about the semantics of art, reconfiguring stylistic signs into a new language suited to the fabricated temper of modern life. Sometimes with affection, sometimes with irony, but always with virtuoso mastery, Saul Steinberg peeled back the carefully wrought masks of 20th-century civilization.

THE ART OF LIVING is divided into five sections:

  • The Art of Living
  • The Important People
  • The Domestic Animals
  • The Arts
  • The Women